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Give the ultimate gift, sponsor a Nepalese child

Our Member Sponsorship Programmes

Commencing 1 December 2018 Little Bells Promiseland Home will be offering you the chance to give the ultimate gift to a Nepalese child.  You’ll be able to provide for a child for a year. You will be giving them the chance of a future, supporting their education, keeping them safe and giving them the skills to not just support themselves but to bring life to communities.

Our Member Sponsorship programs include:

  • Sponsor (or co-sponsor) a named individual.
  • Received regular photos and updates of your child’s welfare and progress.
  • Opportunities to safely communicate with your sponsored child.
  • Access to updates via a Members only area of our website and via newsletters.
  • A certificate including the child’s photo, recognizing your support and thanking you for your donation.

Sponsorship guidelines

Please take note of the following guidelines which are meant to safeguard the interest and well being of each child as well as the community of children at large at Little Bells Promiseland Home.

  1. We will select and match a child for you for sponsorship.  Our policy to match a child to a co-sponsor is based on safeguarding children from neglect or frequent rejection based upon their looks and visual appeal.
  2. Each child has two co-sponsors so that it safeguards them from feeling abandoned if one of the co-sponsors is not able to continue to be a support to them.
  3. As a sponsor, you are welcome to send reasonable gifts that are non-monetary (eg. books, necessities, birthday treats, toys etc) to your sponsored child. However, we reserve the right to moderate your gifts to ensure that the child will not stand out in contrast to the others which will result in unhappiness, jealousy or different levels of privilege among the community of children at Little Bells Childrens Home. We prefer gifts that can be distributed to all children equally (maybe with a special note to your sponsored child).
  4. We would be happy to arrange for a supervised visit Little Bells to meet and support your sponsored child. We would, however, prefer that you plan for some extra time to interact with the other children here at Littlebells so that those who are not able to get visits from their sponsors will feel equally cared for. Whilst visiting, sponsors will be required to comply with our safeguarding policies to ensure the safety of the children, staff and visitors alike.

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