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Mountain by Soong Ching Yee

Watercolour Art Print

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Mountain. May 2019.

Watercolor. Basically layers with tones of varying intensity. Then finished with a thin brush using Chinese ink.

About the artist:

I started seriously dabbling in watercolor art only in 2019 after taking lessons from My Artspace; and having been taught by an amazing watercolor instructor from the Philippines Uhky Uhky Estremo. The Covid pandemic has given me the best opportunity to seriously focus on observing works from masters around the world using YouTube and social media.

It has been a wonderful journey of making friends and discovering the beauty of little things. Right now my teachers are all the urban sketchers of Singapore and Malaysia. We gather together to do sketches all over Singapore during weekends. I am hoping for the opening of borders so i will take my sketchers beyond our borders.

Art is for the humble and simplest soul.

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