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Long Kang Guppies by Sumei Chew

Acrylic Art Print

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This piece holds a dear place in my heart as it reminds me of a simpler time in my life when I was young; running bare-foot and getting totally muddy and wet amongst the natural streams and ‘long-kangs’ (or Malay for Drains)which were theming with lively colourful small guppy fishes.

The kids in Nepal are also a happy lot playing and exploring their natural surrounds perhaps just like I did. I hope with this work it could raise some funds so their carefree childhood could be worry-free and extended till they are adequately educated.

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About the artist:

Besides being a visual artist, Sumei is also a lover of nature and a garden designer. She is a keen observer of all around her seeing beyond the surface into the intricacies, elemental inter-relations and essence of her subject/s. Her bold colored artworks embody a certain vibrancy and energy reflective of her inner reflections and contemplations. Though most of her previous works were in Acrylics; she is gaining a strong repertoire in watercolors, oils and mixed media works too.

Outside of her creative pursuits, she spends most of her time volunteering at various social enterprises and charities. Her works are in various private collections in USA, Singapore, Melbourne and Perth.


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