Donate – Support a Nepalese Child

The children of Nepal desperately need your help

We offer a number of different ways to help support the children at Little Bells Promiseland Home.  You can choose to exclusively support a Nepalese child, co-sponsor a child, or make a donation which will be used to help with developmental programs for the children, building improvements, career skills training projects as well as a contingency for unexpected situations (eg inclement weather, fuel embargo etc).

Donations for sponsorship of a child can be made on a monthly or annual recurring donation, there are also options for a one-off donation. If you do not find a donation method that suits you or you’d like to make a donation on a different basis please contact us.

Sponsor a Nepalese child

Sponsoring or co-sponsoring will give the child an opportunity to grow within a family in a loving and safe environment and in turn become a blessing to their community and nation. Co-Sponsoring means that you are one of two people or organisations sponsoring a child together. Sponsoring a child means that you will be exclusively supporting the basic needs of a child for a year.

Thank you for being the saving hope to this child.

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Donate any amount to help the children

We realize that you might not be able to co-sponsor a child, but we would appreciate any amount to help support with various child development needs.
Your gift will go towards various enhancement projects related to tuition, character building, innovative agricultural development, trekking skills training, environmental projects and renewable energy programs for the children.
Any surplus will act as a contingency for unexpected situations such as inclement weather & natural disasters (such as seasonal floods and landslides), civil unrest or political turmoil resulting in embargoes or disruption of food and fuel supplies etc.

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