Sponsorship Cost details

Child Sponsorship Cost details

It is important to us that there is full transparency with regard to the usage of the generous donations given to Little Bells Promiseland. Below are the operating costs for Little Bells Promiseland Home. This allows you to understand how the contributions from your sponsorship will be used.

  • Shelter, Food & Utilities

    1. Meals
    (nutritional meals cooked at Little Bell’s kitchen)
    2. Accommodation
    3. Utilities

    PER MONTH: US$ 72

    (Total per child
    for the year: US$ 864)

  • School Tuition Fees, Uniform, Books etc

    1. School Tuition Fees US$ 0 (Government aid)
    2. School uniform US$ 32
    3. Winter wear US$ 8
    4. Text books US$ US$ 27
    5. Stationery US$ 15
    6. Footwear (various) US$ 22
    7. Sports track suit US $16

    PER MONTH: US$10

    (Total per child
    for the year: US$ 120)

  • Health and Recreation

    1. Health screening every 6 months:
    US$ 120 x 2 = US$ 240 per year
    2. Educational Enhancement: US$ 480 per year
    (eg. tuition classes, computing, reading club, sports events, excursion, carnivals, hikes, picnics, community integration programs, agricultural & renewal energy project, vocational projects, volunteer engagement programs etc)

    PER MONTH: US$ 2

    (Total for the year
    for 30 children: US$ 720)

  • Facilities and Insurance

    Funds are needed for the following:

    1. Land rental lease payments
    2. Insurance for accidents, fire, property etc
    3. Regular maintenance of buildings and repairs
    4. Contingency for medical, dental or hospitalization treatment

    PER MONTH: US$ 16

    (Total for the year
    for 30 children: US$ 5,760)

Shelter, Food and Utilities:                 US$ 72
School Fees, Uniform, Books etc:      US$ 10
Health and Recreation:                        US$ 2
Facilities and Insurance:                      US{dc29464df499acf4d12e938ed88a32b2c237922b578a07ef880dfefe1af8cfe3} 16

per child per month                        US$ 100

Little Bells Promise Land – Staff

Staff at Little Bells Promiseland Home will be supported through general donations and corporate sponsorship rather than child sponsorship funds.

Little Bell’s full-time staff consist of:

  1. Home parents (husband + wife)
  2. Child care workers  x 3
  3. Cook
  4. Kitchen helper
  5. Cleaner / Security

Total salary per year: US$ 14, 400
(staff salary per month: US$ 1,200)

Annual sponsorship per child: US$ 1,200

Annual *co-sponsorship per child: US$ 600

*please note: co-sponsorship means that each child has two sponsors as a measure of security from a sense of abandonment and loss (including possible financial distress).

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