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Little Bells Promiseland Home was started in 2013 with the objective of giving hope to impoverished and abandoned children of Nepal. The need for such help became more evident after the 2014 major earthquake.

It is commonly recognised that the children of Nepal are often at risk of becoming victims of crime, prostitution and human trafficking.

Many of Nepal’s children live in remote areas, some from areas affected by civil unrest causing them to be displaced or separated from their relatives. Rural communities often lack basic infrastructure where shelter, food and water are compromised. The children’s situation is compounded by the lack of educational services, with few having hope of finding meaningful work with the high unemployment rate in the country, including Kathmandu, the capital. Given the above circumstances, there is frequently little promise for the children’s future.

Little Bells Promiseland Home is a joint partnership between organisations in Nepal and  Singapore.

We are registered with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal.

Our vision is to work towards duplicating the model used in Little Bells Promiseland Home, Kaski to bring hope to other localities and for many more generations of children in Nepal.

A safe location

Little Bells Promiseland is situated in a rural area which keeps those staying and learning with us safe from urban unemployment issues, unrest & vice options.

We are located 2,024 metres above sea level, next to Australian Camp (Thulakharka), in Gandaki Zone, Kaski District, Lumle VDC, Ward No. 04, Nepal.

For those in Little Bells Promiseland and those volunteering to work with us or visiting to take part in our trekking programmes, we could not be in a better location.

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