Giving hope to Nepalese Children

Providing a safe place for ‘at risk’ Nepalese children to grow 

Choose your own way to help a Nepalese child

Sponsor a child

When a Nepalese child who has felt unloved receives help from you, he/she will feel an indescribable sense a hope.

With your help, we can give a needy child real hope today. When you sponsor a child, you will be helping them with their education, schooling and health.

Given the right education and support, these children can have an opportunity to avoid poverty and abuse.


Any amount that you give will help.

Your support can help cover the children’s financial shortfalls, improve daily nutrition, organize educational excursions, participate in sports events, engage in cultural exchange programs, and develop new community based environmental projects.

Whatever level of support you provide, you’ll be helping children and the communities in which they live.

Visit Little Bells Promiseland

Come join us on a trip to Little Bells Promiseland Home!

We can help with education, picnics, tree-planting, cultural exchange, environmental projects, story-telling and lots of fun activities.

You can extend a trip and go trekking in the Annapurna 2 mountains accompanied by experienced guides.  Visit Little Bells Promiseland Home and experience both the home and the beauty of Nepal. Plan a trip with us, or we can help you organize a trip.

Our Goals

‌‌‌‌ Providing a home for at-risk children

‌ Ensure holistic education for the children

‌ Develop livelihood skills for urban, rural and tourism sectors

‌ Reduce the risk of human trafficking

‌ Create a sense of community

‌ Student exchange and cultural engagement programmes with volunteers

‌ Serve as a model that is scalable across Nepal

Nepalese Child Eating

Introducing Little Bells Promiseland Home

Latest News

Updates on what's going on at Little Bells Promiseland Home

Keep updated on what's going on at Little Bells Promiseland Home

We'd like to keep you updated with what's going on at Little Bells Children's Home.
We'll send you occasional updates and details of our upcoming treks and campaigns.